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Beautiful Women If I have noticed anything in sports, it’s the beautiful women who play and follow sports. There are beautiful women at football games. There are beautiful women at hockey games. There are beautiful women at NASCAR. There are beautiful women everywhere in sports.


Some are spectators, some are coaches and players, some are family members, some are there to entertain and cheer. And I know there are beautiful women gambling on sporting events. There has been a much-needed rise in acceptance of women as sports fans over the past 25 years or so; no longer does the stereotype of bimbos and sex objects apply. Women can be powerfully intelligent and objective concerning the world of sports. It’s only going to get better.


While young boys have been slipping off to video games and extreme sports, young girls have been filling up the team sport rosters, many playing in boys’ leagues. The sweeping action of Title IX in college sports – Title IX which mandated equal spending and attention for women’s sports has opened the door of opportunity through sports for women. While the U.S.A. men’s Olympic teams have mostly been disappointing lately, U.S.A. women’s teams have been medaling, raising the interest, participation, and involvement of women in sports.