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There is nothing like being your own boss, and as the bookie, you get to set your own lines and rules. So how can you get started? Obviously as in any business, the best way to know the business is to work for someone else for a while. If you are currently using a bookie, […]

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Beautiful Women If I have noticed anything in sports, it’s the beautiful women who play and follow sports. There are beautiful women at football games. There are beautiful women at hockey games. There are beautiful women at NASCAR. There are beautiful women everywhere in sports.   Some are spectators, some are coaches and players, some […]

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Underdogs don’t always win the actual game, but they win about 60% of the time when a point spread is factored in. Sometimes when two teams are judged equal, then the line will be expressed as pick-em. This means that there is no point spread, you simply choose which team you think will win. Along […]

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Basketball probably has the most availability of any sport. There are thousands of college and pro games played each season. Women’s basketball actually gets some action. Powerhouse college programs such as Tennessee and Connecticut have brought some interest to their sport.   This is actually good for the sports gambler. The oddsmakers can’t possibly handicap […]

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Poker is a generic name for literally hundreds of games, but they all fall within a few interrelated types. There are high games like seven-card stud and Texas hold ’em, in which the highest hand in the showdown wins, and low games like draw lowball and razz, in which the lowest hand wins. There are […]

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