There are exotic over/ unders such as how much yardage a certain running back will get in a game, or how much yardage a quarter back will throw for the year. There are kinds of bizarre exotics – anything from which team will win the coin toss, to who will get the first sack. It is best to stay aw ay from these bets along with reverses, buying points or any other sucker bets. At the conclusion of football season, it is hard not to stumble across a Super Bowl board or two.


As mentioned throughout before, this isn’t very scientific gambling. It’s more like a lottery, maybe with a little better odds. You have to hope you get good numbers and then hope both teams hit them. Football is a wonderful American sport which draws a lot of gambling interest. College basketball’s March Madness is probably the most widespread gambling on basketball. The NBA play-offs are a distant second.


March Madness is the most common but hardly the best sport bet. It is usually small stakes and you have to predict the fate of 64+ teams. There are surprises and upsets and disappointments and just too many games to call in one play. Have fun if you wish but don’t put much hope into this tournament.