Gambling For Money Can Make You Happy

Money alone does not bring happiness, says an old saying. But anyone who has ever won money knows that the jubilation of victory is an intoxication of its own.

Anyone who has ever placed their chip while the croupier suspended the bets or while the wheels happily spun through all shapes and colors knows this subjectively perceived moment. It is this moment of uncertainty when a win is in prospect, but everything is still possible. Playing in online gambling site in particular manages to evoke precisely these moments.


How the brain defines happiness

The messenger substance dopamine plays a decisive role in human happiness. This messenger substance is popularly referred to simply as the happiness hormone and this terminology actually says it all.

Dopamine is particularly effective when it comes to motivation and an increase in drive. In football, for example, if you absolutely want to turn a game and score the next goal, the body releases dopamine. Not only active soccer players know this effect, but also fans in front of the television.

The case of success awakens the desire for more, the body releases dopamine after the win. And it is very similar when you play for money.

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Financial winning in gambling

In the case of a financial win at the roulette table, a foursome in the lottery or the jackpot at the slot machine, the brain does the same. The messenger substance dopamine is released. The hormone is transported from the midbrain to the midbrain and endbrain. The release of dopamine is therefore an endogenous drug and it can even be extremely useful from a biophysical point of view.

Dopamine is an intermediate hormone that is activated in unclear situations. An example is when you are in limbo just before a possible win. It is therefore closely linked to the release of adrenaline. So, players feel this dopamine rush mainly when they bet their own money and get a win back.

It only plays a subordinate role whether it is playing in a real casino, at online casinos, betting, betting games or the lottery.

The role played by dopamine in the release of adrenaline makes it clear why playing for money is relevant. Using sporting analogies, footballers have higher adrenaline levels while playing a home game. The body is signaled in a primeval manner that a stake is at stake that must be defended.

It doesn’t always have to be winning football or the jackpot, because even smaller wins or almost wins are enough for the body to release happy hormones.