Gambling Ideas and Entertainment

As most always, there is some juice charged. Parlays are common throughout society during football season. This is where anyone from an amateur to large casino will offer parlay tickets or sheets. A parlay is where you must win two or more games in combination. The higher the number of games bet, the greater the pay-out. This is tempting, but parlays are not considered good gambling.


If you take a three game parlay and win two games but lose one, then you lose the entire bet. Win two games and push one, then your payout is reduced. Teasers are similar in which you must win games in combination, but you are given extra points to try to entice you to take this bet. The catch is the payout is reduced and you still have to win all the games to win your bet. It is tough enough to win one game let alone more in combination. It is much smarter to bet one game at a time.


Futures are popular where you try to pick how a team will do before the season starts. Meaning that you can choose whether Nebraska will win more or less than 8 games for the season. If they win exactly eight games, then your bet is a push and all money is returned.