How Swedes Participate in Online Casinos

Man gambling on his laptop


According to a market study commissioned by the Swedish regulator Spelinspektionen, the participation of the Swedish population in online gambling has fallen by 10%. The period covered by the study is five years.

Almost 66% of the 1582 respondents testified to having gambled at least once on the Internet last year. The value is constant with the results of previous years, but about 10% lower than in 2013. 34% of the survey participants stated that they participate in weekly gambling on the Internet. Men between the ages of 50 and 64 formed the main group.

Only 32% of respondents said they play to win money. For most of them, fun was simply in the foreground. Interesting was the statement on the security of Internet gambling libraries. For 40% of the players, the security of the gaming environment was by far the most important factor and was thus ahead of the fun.

However, Sweden seems to have online gambling under control. Only 3% of respondents thought they were gambling too much on the Internet. However, more than twice as many also felt that a family member might spend too much time on New casinos without Game break or sports betting. This raises the question of whether you are always completely honest with yourself.

Security in online casinos and sports betting

By the way, another 32% of respondents said that the reason why they do not gamble is simply because of the lack of chance of winning, and 22%did not feel safe gambling. At least when it comes to security, we have to disagree. Even if casinos and providers of sports betting do not always appear in the best light, sometimes rightly so, the majority of companies are very concerned about their safety. From the encryption of your data to secure transaction methods – online casinos always work with external providers, including PayPal or Visa, and Mastercard, so that your security is guaranteed there as well as with normal e-commerce shops.

It will be interesting to see how the Swedish gambling market develops this year. Since January 1st, every online casino and every sports betting provider must acquire an official Swedish gambling license. Previously, this was only known from the British market, where the UK Gambling Commission grants such a license.


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The new gambling law at a glance:

  • Companies pay an 18% tax on commercial gaming offers
  • No taxes have to be paid on so-called non-profit activities
  • A total of 6 different licenses will be issued
  • A license costs between 400 000 – 700 000 SEK (the conversion rate is about 1:10)
  • The age limit is 18 years for online games and 21 years for retail stores