The 5 Professional Poker Players Who Made It Big

According to a recent study, there is usually one winner for every four losers in a game of poker. With special skills, you can outsmart other pro poker players and take home all the money. Poker has changed a lot over the years with the introduction of poker online. Sun City (선시티) is among the platforms that offer poker games exclusively. Poker has gone from being a casual game to being a pastime and thus become one of the most popular card games you can play over the internet. The internet has had a huge impact on this development and has literally helped the game to grow in this way. Nowadays, after all, anyone with access to the Internet can put their skills to the test.

Some of the following poker superstars have made it big on the internet – let’s get started now and see poker players who made it big!

The Richest Poker Players

Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson, a Californian native, has a reported net worth of $25 Million. He has won many poker tournaments and that includes five wins in the well-known World Series Poker Tournament. His wins awarded him millions of dollars. Chris Ferguson is still engaging in Poker tournaments to this day.

Erik Seidel

Erik Seidel, from New York, has a reported net worth of $41 Million. The former stockbroker made a huge success in his very first poker tournament which landed him second in place. He is among the most successful poker players worldwide. The number of victories in major tournaments on his part is impressive, only a few have recorded more victories. His number of victories is quite impressive. He won over $2.5 million dollars prize money in 2011.

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey has been recorded to have a net worth of $98 Million. Also among the best poker players, the world has ever known. He has won the World Poker Tour in the year 2008. Over the years of his participation in Poker tournaments, he always managed to enter the finals. His card skills are legendary that earned him a good reputation among aspiring professional poker players.

Sam Farha

Sam Farha, from the United States but his roots are from Lebanon. He has a reported net worth of $100 Million. He first engaged in Poker in the early years of the 1990s. Eventually, he has managed to be among the well-known poker players worldwide.

Dan Bilzerian

The infamous Dan Bilzerian has a record net worth of $150 Million. Dan Bilzerian earned his unbelievable fortune with poker. He was able to collect winnings totaling $10.8 million.

These 5 poker players are just a few of the many who successfully brought home the money in poker tournaments. Playing poker could be a tempting way to earn millions of dollars. But without the skills, you may end up losing more than winning.