The Progress Of Gambling As Entertainment

The need for entertainment in the form of games is as old as mankind itself. People have always enjoyed testing their powers or skills in games of all kinds. Games of chance have always been very attractive. Already in the 6th century BC, there was gambling with dice and money bets. At the same time, attempts have always been made over time to regulate gambling and to reserve the game for a privileged group of people.

Playhouses were built in the Middle Ages, which received a concession from the authorities and at the same time had to pay taxes. The common people gambled illegally in taverns and were punished by flogging or imprisonment if they were discovered.

Merit Casino Operation

The first casino was in Venice

History is always interesting to look at as it contains and explains part of the past. Every city has its own story. The history of the casino began in Venice. The first gambling establishment in Europe was the Casino “Il Ridotto”, which opened in Venice in 1638. The term “Ridotto” means “private room” because the first casino was located in a wing of the Palazzo Dandolo in Venice. This was converted into a state gambling house at the initiative of the city leaders.

Il Ridotto attracted wealthy customers not only with competitions but also with music, dance, food, and drinks. More casinos based on the Venetian model gradually emerged in Europe. In the 19th century, casinos were part of the social life of the upper class and were an important economic factor, because gambling provided high tax revenues. Those of rank and fame regularly visited the casino and discussed politics and business there.

Today many people use the online casino

From the first glamorous gambling house in Venice to the online casino for everyone, gambling has changed a lot. Online casinos have now overtaken traditional arcades and casinos. While only a few games were offered in the big casinos of the past, online gaming libraries today score with a large number of different game variations. Anyone who logs into our casino distributor (우리카지노 총판) can choose from the large selection of games. From a bygone world of glamour, luxury and thrills, what remains in the online casino is fun and excitement.